Sad to Say Goodbye

Sad to Say Goodbye, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

It wasn't easy for these girls to say goodbye. They had a great time playing together during our PDX visit. 'Til next time.

Wrangling the niece (or trying to)

Eliza went to dinner with Aunt Karey and Uncle Jake. She was a wild one.

Like Father like Daughter

Hitting up the pinball machines. A young gamer?

Driving Mommy Crazy

Driving Mommy Crazy, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Daddy stepped out of the car for a few minutes and E somehow talked her way out of the car seat and into the driver's seat.


Donut turned disaster

Donut turned disaster, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Things quickly got out of control with the giant donut. Yes, this pile of gunk is a donut!

Devouring donuts

Devouring donuts, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Uncle Jake sent some of treats from his work (the famous Portland Voodoo Donuts) over for Eliza. As you can see, she devoured it!

Enjoying a Chilly Oregon Morning


Pirate Cousins

Pirate Cousins, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.


Working in Grandpa's Greenhouse

Eliza planted Oregon Spring tomatoes and loved digging her hands in the soil.


To Grandmother's house we go...

After a long plane ride across the country, we're in the car headed to see Grandma, Grandpa and the Springfield family.

the big E

the big E, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

happy little family

family pic (scan), originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Saying Goodbye to Mrs Wieder

Today was the last day with Eliza's preschool teacher, whom we all love and will miss terribly.

Singing Songs With Her Class


First time in the salon seat

Eliza is getting her hair professionally styled today! Mommy is along for the ride, sharing a chair and cape.


Sick, but smiling

Sick, but smiling, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza's home sick today, but still woke up with a smile on her face. Maybe it's because she's eating some of her favorite things: Greek honey yogurt, mixed berries and a glass of cold milk.

Fun with friends in preschool!

Here are some of the pics that Eliza's teachewr have been taking at school. It looks like E sure is having a great time with her little pals.

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posing with Mickey

posing with Mickey, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Here's a shot from earlier this week, when we went with Grandma Cathy to Epcot. There we checked out a preview of the floral show and got to meet up with the Mouse.

Sunday Bike Buddies

Sunday Bike Buddies, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Today the family rode our matching bikes while wearing our matching bike gear and shirts. Go, Team Eliza!


Tiny Puddle Dancer

Eliza got home after a rain storm and wouldn't come inside, as she discovered the fun of playing in puddles.