Christmas Pajama Party!

LuLew surprised everyone the evening before before Christmas with some striped holiday pajamas. They were so much fun that we had to take a group photo.

It's Woody!

It's Woody!, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Riding her new bike through the house

She couldn't wait to ride the new tricycle LuLew got her, so Daddy made path through the house that she could navigate.

Last bite of cake on Christmas Eve

Elfing Ourselves

Up a tree with Grammy LuLew

Eliza showed Grammy her favorite climbing tree in the yard.

Santa visits our neighborhood!

Aided by the Maitland Fire Department, Santa cruised the neighborhood, handing out candy and doing a survey for Friday night's roof landing.

Ready for Sunday adventures

Eliza keeps trying to add "get ice cream" into our Sunday errands and shopping plans.

Getting into the holiday spirit

We went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party tonight. The snow on Main Street and the festive decorations around the park - and the hot cocoa - helped get us in the holiday spirit.

Riding the teacups with Mommy


Crossing people off her shopping list

Eliza went down to the dollar store to do some shopping for her family. She was allowed to pick out whatever she wanted. (Recipients on her list will be getting some interesting items this year)

Fun at the doctor's office

Eliza had her big three year check-up today with her new doctor. She was very brave when it came time for her shots and didn't even cry. At the end of the visit she said, "That was fun!"

Here's her latest stats:
Height - 39" (90%)
Weight - 33 3/4 lbs (75%)

Santa and Eliza 2010

Santa and Eliza 2010

We finally had a perfect photo this year! Last year we had three attempts at taking a photo with Santa that all ended in tears.

Meeting with Mr Claus

Meeting with Mr Claus, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza had a quick, last minute conference with the big guy to discuss what list she's currently on.


Taking Photos by the Xmas Tree

Eliza likes to turn on Christmas

12-10-E-Tree, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

(that's what she says when she fires-up the holiday lights each day.)

Better be good

Better be good, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

As Eliza says, "The elf is watching me, I'd better be good!" We started the Elf On A Shelf tradition this year. Eliza knows the elf is watching her and reporting back to Santa each night.

our very happy 3 year-old

"I love my ride!"

eliza's big red birthday present

Eliza got a bunch of fun gifts from everyone (thanks!), and then she loaded them up inside the last present of the evening: her new wagon from Grandpa Rocky & Grandma Cathy. She calls it "my ride" and had so much fun playing in it that she wouldn't get out of it to go pee.

cupcakes with grandpa and grandma

wont share cupcakes with the grandparents

birthday cake - before and after

before the cake

after the cake

Toy Story birthday cake!

sleepy birthday girl

sleepy birthday girl, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza turned three years=old this morning, and she got to have a tiny piece of cake as part of her breakfast! She enjoyed it, even though she still wasn't totally awake.

Playing with the butterflies

Grandpa & Grandma took Eliza on a little field trip to the local butterfly farm, where the people put Gatorade on her finger and let her feed the butterflies.




Taking photos of the safari

Here's our young photographer taking photos on the safari ride at Animal Kingdom. She's snapping a photo of a giraffe in this picture. Eliza is a real natural with the camera. Gee...wonder why?!

serious little sailor

serious little sailor, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

We took a bout tour of the lakes and channels in Winter Park. Eliza had a fun time, but really HATED having to wear a life jacket.

flinging the bird food

flinging the bird food, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

We made a quick trip to Lake Lily for the Farmer's Market this morning and Eliza took a moment to feed all the birds. They love chex.

Birthday at Buca

last night we celebrated several birthdays on our trip to the Italian restaurant, Buca di Beppo (Grandpa, Mommy, and Eliza). We even got seated at a special table...IN THE KITCHEN!

grandpa and e

Eliza made a friend with Mr. Joe (who kept telling everyone we were the owners) and he made her an honorary chef.

tour of the kitchen

And here's a photo of the Birthday Bunch...

the birthday bunch

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza ate a full plate of food and said she was thankful for many things including her family, her home and candy.
Mommy and Daddy let Eliza have Coke in a wine glass since it's a special day. She drank the whole glass before she touched her food. Then she spent the rest of dinner asking for more Coke.

Snowflake Pals

Snowflake Pals, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Posing (and freezing) by the ice sculpture

Going down the ice slide...slowly

This was, by far, Eliza's favorite thing at last night's excursion to the Gaylord Palm's "Ice" attraction. She went down the ice slides (on her back) over and over again.

Putting on Mickey Mouse hats

Getting bundled up for tonight's adventure

We're headed to get a sneak peek of the ICE and SNOW exhibit at Gaylord Palms. We've got jackets, hats and gloves. They give us parkas, too. Good thing, 'cause it's only nine degrees inside. We'll post photos later!