Eliza at the Obama mural

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Just a few blocks away from Eliza's new Houston home is a really cool Obama mural. It's left over from his area headquarters back in November. E loved posing for pics in front of it, and it'll be another good snapshot to put into her time capsule.

She can only go one direction

E tried out this cute car walker today and cruised at high speeds all over the store. The only problem: she could only drive in reverse.
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Turkey Day napster

Turkey Day napster, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

E fell asleep on the sofa watching the Macy's parade this morning. One minute she was dancing along with the Rockettes and a few minutes later she was knocked out. Usually people fall asleep AFTER having the turkey.
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Now she wants a pony for Xmas!

While playing in the kids aisle at Costco, I let Eliza try out all the various electronic riding animals until I finally found one her speed. It's this cute, rocking horse. She was having a real blast, but by the time I went to shoot this video, she had attracted a crowd of admirers, and got all shy.

Eliza the Dinosaur Tamer

Eliza the Dinosaur Tamer, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

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Too cute for words

Too cute for words, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

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Fun with a capital E

Fun with a capitol E, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Found this while shopping and had to get it.
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Get Me Out of Here!

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Look Who's Standing (In Her Crib)!

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We used to walk into Eliza's room and she'd be on her tummy, trying to peek over the padded bumpers in the crib. Eventually, she would be on her knees, clutching the bars and peering between them.

Today we walked in the room, when she was supposed to napping, to find her fully-standing and sorta pulling herself along the perimeter of the crib walls. Daddy sure is glad he lowered the bed all the way down a few weeks ago.

Eliza Loves the Houston Rockets

Future Rockets Fan

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Eliza had a swell time at Saturday night's Houston Rockets game. She loved all the clapping and music, and would shout out during plays, "Rob-rob-rob-ra!" - which is baby talk, "Let's go Rockets!"

She had so much fun that she kept jumping up and down in Mommy and Daddy's laps. She probably would've crawled right down to the basketball court if we let her go.

Dream Baby during Dream Dinners

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Mommy and Daddy had an exciting morning making some fun meals from the local Dream Dinners franchise. We're glad to finally make use of the gift certificate that Kelly and Kensie got us. We put it to good use, making a ton of dinners and getting ahead on Thanksgiving side dishes.

Eliza had a lot of fun and watching all the fast and furious cooking action, occasionally barking out orders as we moved to each new food prep station.

Baby Einstein

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Eliza had some crazy hair this morning. It was definitely worth taking a photo. And since she loves to pull Mommy and Daddy's glasses off their faces. They figured she'd love to pose with a pair of her own - which really added to her whole morning breakfast look.

Uh oh!

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It seems that Eliza had a favorite, new activity: crawling around and getting into whatever she can. Tonight she discovered the toilet paper roll while helping Mommy and Daddy hang towel racks in the bathroom.

It goes well with her new favorite thing to say, which is "Uh oh!" Any time you drop something and she knocks something over, she'll let out a little "Uh oh." Although sometimes it sounds like "Ohh Ohh" - still cute.

New hideout and new hairdo!

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Today Eliza wore her hair in some adorable puffs. She wasn't happy during the grooming process, but moments later she was her happy, shrieking self.

And she loves hanging out in her very own piece of prime, living room real estate. She's the tenant of the lovely Hello Kitty home located by the arm chair. Inside her hut are a number of her stuffed animal pals and one of her favorite blankets.

Sunny Day in the Park

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Since it was such a sunny day, Eliza and Daddy went down to the park to hang out for a bit. Her favorite part was watching the fountains and the ducks. Everyone else must have had the same idea because the park was full of families and photographers enjoying the afternoon.

Doesn't she look like a little kid, instead of a baby?

The Baby Electorate Has Spoken!

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Eliza stayed way up past her bed time because Daddy wanted her to witness history in the making. Someday he'll be able to tell her that she watched it every step of the way, got to push the button in the voting booth, and then stayed up late to watch a major event in American history.

(She's rubbing her eyes a lot. She probably won't make it long enough to see any speeches.)

Wild Clapping Lion Cub

Wild Clapping Lion Cub, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Want more of the cute lion cub? Well, then enjoy this exclusive video of the happiest little lion ever to roam the grassy area outside of a Target store.

Picnic in the Park

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