Eliza only has one wish...

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As you may have heard: we're moving to Houston, Texas in a few weeks. Crazy, right? And that mean's we've gotta get the condo all packed up and ready for the move.

Eliza really likes watching stuff go into the boxes, and every now and again we catch her praying, "Please let me have my own room!"

(This was a fun photo to take, and Eliza is really great at sitting up now. Mommy is also just outside the frame, ready to grab our baby girl if she got wobbly.)

Baby Eliza and her cousins.

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Everyone was happy to see little baby Eliza again, especially all her cute cousins who took turns holding and snuggling with her.

Hanging out with the Moms.

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Baby Eliza loves getting attention from Mommy, and yesterday she got to have twice the love. Right after our adoption hearing we went over to E's old stomping grounds (or I guess 'sleeping on her back' grounds is more like it) and hung out with Mama Jerrica and some of Eliza's other nice relatives. No one could believe how big she is now! (Although no one was really surprised to see that she's still getting cuter with each passing day.)

Baby court is now in session.

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Here's the honorable Eliza Watkins presiding over Mommy in the courtroom after her hearing. Unless Mommy granted her "more bottles and snuggles" and less "hair combing and tummy time" she was going to hold us in contempt of court.

Looks like she's stuck with us!

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Here's a shot of Mommy and Daddy posing with Eliza and the judge after her finalization hearing. The whole process took about 5 minutes, and then we spent the next 15 minutes taking photos and hanging out with the courtroom staff. Everyone wanted to hold baby E. The judge was even an adopted child himself, so he really enjoyed presiding over these kinds of cases.

It was joyful experience and a quite memorable morning, and well worth the five hour drive to get there.

"Back to School" fashion baby

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After having a nice day of rest, Eliza is ready to get back to school (aka - daycare). And since today is quite rainy and miserable, E wanted to dress really cute - not only for the weather, but to just brighten up everyone's day.

Of course, this ensemble didn't last very long, as Daddy spotted Eliza eating one of her removed shoes in the car five minutes later.

Sleeping off the cold.

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Eliza is back home from her doctor's visit and having a nice, relaxing nap in the middle of the day.

Diagnosis: baby's first ear infection

She may not have been feeling great, but that didn't stop E from enjoying the opportunity to kick and chew on the exam table paper. She wasn't feeling herself this weekend. Took her to the doctor this morning and she has her first ear infection. Eliza now weighs 18 pounds, 2 ounces. Her nine month check-up is next week!

Enjoying all the pretty flowers.

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Even though she has a little cold, Eliza took time between her sniffles (and slobbering) to check out the flowers in the Biltmore gardens. And like just about anything she gets into her hands - it was hard to make her let go.

Eliza is not a fan of chickens!

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Eliza has several chicken-related stuff animals that she simply adores playing with, so you would think that she might be interested in a real chickens, right? Not so much. We took her out to the Biltmore petting zoo and let her watch the animals from the other side of the fences.

She loved the goats, and didn't really mind the chickens...until they came up close! She let out a panicked scream when the first one approached, so Daddy picked her up and backed away. We tried it again later, but Eliza wouldn't even put her feet on the ground. It was real cute.

Visiting the Biltmore Mansion

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Mommy and Eliza are sporting some cute hats, as they strolled around the Biltmore estate on a gorgeous, sunny Saturday.

Picking up Eliza from daycare.

Even though she's having fun with her little buddies, Eliza loves to see Mommy or Daddy at the end of the day.

Eliza and her daycare buddies

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Sometimes when we get to daycare to pick up Eliza, she doesn't even notice we're there because she's having so much fun with her little baby friends! On the right is her buddy, Kaido. He's a really happy guy (much like E) and really likes stroking her curly hair.

Coasters for breakfast!

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There's a note hanging up at daycare that states, "Be sure to feed your child before bringing her to daycare" and there's a hand written addendum below it that reads, "A bottle is not breakfast."

I wonder how they feel about coffee table coasters? Because she loves to munch on them every morning while Daddy gets her ready to go. Although, honestly it does look much tastier than the baby food...

Eliza's new lounge chair!

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We'll have to post some photos of Eliza hanging out in her chair at home, but here's a sneak preview of all that cuteness. She REALLY loves that chair.

Should we get it?

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KyAnn has been eyeing this little chair for Eliza for a few weeks now. She had Daddy come in the store today to check it out, but it didn't matter. Eliza already decided we were getting it.

Chillin' at Anna's crib

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Eliza went to daycare in her pajamas today, but not because Daddy is lazy. He is, but today is "jammy day"! So we dressed up E in her favorite mouse jams and too her to daycare.

Baby Anna's crib is just across the room, and Anna's mommy's office is just down the hall from Daddy's office. So the girls were hanging out together in the morning, just like their parents do before work each day.

Eliza and her puffs.

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We've been having family dinners at the table, and E has joined right in....feeding herself! She's enjoying her cereal puffs, and has figured out how to pick them up and pop them into her mouth. Although she does it a whole lot faster when the camera isn't on her.

Eliza gets clappy happy.

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Little E is learning all kinds of new stuff each day, so she takes a moment each afternoon to practice her new skills. Today we take a look at clapping practice.

Our baby has a baby!

We've become great advocates for adoption, and it's rewarding to see that rub off on Baby Eliza. This weekend she adopted her own baby, Cameron Ruby, who was born in the Cabbage Patch on June 3rd. So now our 8 month-old has a 2 month-old - at this rate we could be great-grandparents by January.

Eliza loves the spinning robots!

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Today when we got home, Daddy busted out a robot toy for Eliza to play with. You know, mix up the routine a little. He chose the purple robot, as to best match her outfit.

This photo was taken about 2 seconds before she lunged across the playmat and tackled the poor, spinning robot.

First morning at daycare!

Here's a shot of Eliza, who's already warmed up to her daycare nanny, Miss Jan. We dropped her off this morning, and decked out her daytime crib with some of her favorite toys (especially Donald the giraffe). She's already smiling and waving at the other babies in the room, and will probably be moved to the "big baby room" in the next week. She's already skipping grades...we knew she was a smart cookie!

Hanging out with her doggy.

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Eliza loves playing and rolling around on the floor. But she also enjoys hanging out on the couch with her talking doggy toy, and reading a good book. This particular book is about an octopus that likes to swim - Eliza LOVES reading (and eating) it.