getting ready for the big evening

Here's a shot of the three of us all dressed up before our evening out at the 2009 Southeast Emmy Awards in Altanta. Eliza stayed in the hotel room with the babysitter, getting treated like a little princess while Mommy and Daddy endured an agonizingly long awards ceremony.

Neither of us got to take home a gold statue this year, but coming home to this little cutie at the end of the night was the best reward of all.

Eliza's Alabama Visit 2009

This past weekend, we took a quick plane ride out to Atlanta for the Emmy Awards show. However, we made sure to squeeze in a day to cruise out to Anniston, Alabama for a fun visit with Momma Jerrica, her new brother Derion, and our extended Alabama family. We had such a great visit (as you'll see in the photos) and look forward to getting out that way again soon.

Mo & Sugar

Here's a fun shot of Eliza's cute cousins, Moeneshia ("Mo") and
Nykendria ("Sugar") posing for photos out in the sunny field behind their home. We had a great time visiting with them, and they sure love playing with their little cousin, E.

It's official: She's a cute kid

We've suspected for quite a while now that Eliza might be what some would consider "cute." But now that she made a cameo in a Kentucky TV promo about cute kids, it's official: she's a cute kid.

Thanks for the video, Deilia! We can't wait to play it for her later and she how quickly she spots herself in the video.

Miss E meets little D

Miss E meets little D, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

This weekend the family packed-up and headed to Alabama to visit Eliza's birthmom and he new baby brother!

E loved holding the little guy, and she was sure generous with all her kisses. He was asleep for about 90% of the visit, but he was awake long enough to smile at his big sis, and later watch her dance for everyone in the living room of her Aunt's house.

We'll be posting some photos from the trip in the next few days...

Daddy knows how to splash!

It's hard to say who got more wet this afternoon, but from the looks of it, it was probably Daddy. He loved showing Eliza how to splash, but he mostly got wet from chasing her around the fountain. She could run under the streams of water, and he could not.

Great job to Mommy for getting such a cool shot! Look at all that water!

I don't like to get water in my face!

Don't let her fool you...she isn't always smiling at laughing like her photos make her seem. Especially when she gets splashed with water! However this only lasts about thirty seconds, and then she's back to singing, smiling, and laughing again.

where's that water coming from?

After a nice Father's Day brunch, we all headed down to Discovery Green Park to play in the fountain. Eliza had the time of her life, when she wasn't accidentally getting her face wet. She preferred to approach the shooting water from a different direction...

the scary goat monster

the scary goat monster, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Fun at the petting zoo.

Riding the zebra with Daddy

Eliza completely adored the carousel...when it wasn't moving with her on it. This photo was taken moments before the ride started spinning and she started screaming.

crawling through the big, fake log

We kicked off Father's Day weekend with a trip to the Houston Zoo, which is only about a mile from home. Eliza had a great time watching all the animals, but her favorite part was definitely all the fun stuff to do in the Children's Zoo section.

She really kept Mommy and Daddy chasing after her.

Fun Father's Day (and weekend)

At Discovery Green right now. We're having a fun morning playing in the fountains. Eliza was a little scared at first, but she's warming up to the water. She likes splashing us.
We started the day by taking Dada out to breakfast. Happy Father's Day to the best daddy ever.
We'll post some better pics later of our fun weekend adventures.

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Trying on shoes

Trying on shoes, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Lately Eliza has become obesessed with all shoes. She loves taking them on and off. Here she is in Baby Gap trying on a pair she picked off the shelves. Hmmm...she already likes shoes and shopping. We are in trouble.

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daddy does hair

daddy does hair, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

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reading up on her shots

reading up on her shots, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Time for the 18 month doctor's visit! Eliza had fun kicking the exam room paper and yelling to hear her voice reverberate on the walls. She wasn't so much a fan of the nurse, and the shot that she gave Eliza.

Here's her new stats:
weight: 25lbs,10oz - 50-75%
height: 33.75" - 95% (tall!)
head: 19.24"

Eliza knows her parts!

Eliza knows her parts!, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

our Chips and Salsa baby

our Chips and Salsa baby, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

We already knew that she loves dipping her fries in ketchup, but we've recently discovered her love of all things "Tex Mex" including chips and salsa.

Eliza loves the accordion music

We went to a folk music night in Herman Park, and Eliza loved dancing to all the accordion music. There's a little bit of it in this video - it was hard to capture, as she always stopped when she realized she was being videotaped.

These ladies are true Astros fans

Tonight we went down the street to Minute Maid Park to watch the Houston Astros take on the Colorado Rockies. Eliza loved all the cheering, dancing, clapping, and talking baseball with everyone around us.

Her and Mommy both wore some cute, girly team shirts while Daddy sported a jersey made from some strange, space-age fabric.