Trapped in the jungle gym

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"Daddy, stop taking pictures and get me out of here."

Princess of the Playground

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Eliza had a little flu bug on Friday, but by the end of the weekend on Sunday she was running (and dancing) all over the place - especially the playground by our house.

Helping out in the kitchen!

helping in the kitchen, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza loves following Mommy around wherever she goes, especially when she's in the kitchen. So tonight Mommy put E to work! (Which was mostly holding non-essential cooking utensils).

Eliza also spent a great deal of time just looking through the cookbook, screaming at various food photos.

ElizA sMaSH!

ElizA sMaSH!, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

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Looking sassy

Looking sassy, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

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Mid-morning rest in middle of floor?

Not sure what's going on here. Eliza put her blankie on the living room floor and then laid down.

Side note - as you can see, she's dressed only in pull-ups and socks. Part of our potty training rountine to let her run around in diaper at home so she can go potty easily. This morning E's also been wearing her sunglasses which makes for quite a sassy outfit.

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the great airport meet-up!

While dropping of LuLew at the airport - after a weekend of fun in the Texas sun - we took the opportunity to have a brief meet-up with cousin Michelle and baby Isabella, who were on a brief layover in Houston (and coincidentally flying back to PDX on the same plane as LuLew). The babies had a fun time hanging out together, but both got a little stressed out when the mommies held each other's kids.

Head, Shoulder, Knees, Toes

Eliza is getting pretty good at this "Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes" dance. Kinda makes sense, considering she plays it over and over again.