Pumpkin carving - Orlando style

Daddy carved a special pumpkin for Eliza featuring one of her favorite characters - Mickey Mouse. We wore silly hats, listened to spooky music and got messy carving pumpkins at our impromptu Halloween party.

Meeting the Firemen!

Yesterday Eliza's class had some special visitors, the Maitland Fire Department! She had a fun time learning about all their neat gear, and checking out the big fire engines.

10-25-10 Rm 2 & Rm 4 Visiting the Firefighters 044

10-25-10 Rm 2 & Rm 4 Visiting the Firefighters 064

Eliza loves going to restaurants

Whenever we're in the car, E is always trying to get us to make unscheduled stops. "I want to go into a store!" or "I want to eat at a restaurant!" are her usual demands.

Today we surprised her when we stopped to get pizza. She couldn't be any happier. Eliza loves sitting in her booster seat (finally!) and feeling like a grown-up at the table.

Eliza's First Library Card

Today E went to the library, just down the street from our house, and got her very own Maitland Public Library card. She had a great time picking out books to read, as well as, reminding Mommy to be quiet.

Eliza''s very proud of her membership and can't wait to let Karey and the Grandmas use her card to check out books when they visit.

Eliza's October Fun at Preschool!

Here's some of the most recent pics snapped by Eliza's teachers at the JCC. They are really awesome about giving parents TONS of photos, showing all the learning and fun going on when we aren't around.

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Eliza & Noah

Eliza & Noah, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza and her pal Noah liked getting behind the wheel in the Dino car.

family photo at Disney Animal Kingdom

eliza and charlotte being silly

Another funny photo from our Oregon Zoo trip last month

Eliza loves her new face!

Elia has sorta mentioned a few times that she likes face paint and she's always covering her cheeks with stickers, so Mommy thought she might like to try it out at DisneyWorld. She picked out a pretty pattern (called the "Daisy Pop") and was an extremely good little gal while the make-up was applied.

Eliza loves her new face!

She LOVED her new look, complete with lipstick and eyeshadow. It actually took a long moment before we could snap a photo - she was in shock after getting a peek at herself in the mirror. Afterwards, we stepped aside and took her over to a special mirror area, where kids could check themselves out. It was almost beyond words how thrilled she was.

looking in the mirror

Eliza and her pal Minnie Mouse

Meeting Mickie and Minnie Mouse!

Now that we're Disney annual passholders, we decided to make another trip out to the "Mouse House" this weekend. Eliza was on a mission, constantly repeating "I want to see Mickey Mouse!" And after some planning, hiking, and waiting...she finally had her special moment with Mickey and his gal.

She had an awesome time chumming around with her pals, followed by one heck of a meltdown when we had to leave!

Kitty Eliza reading books

Eliza has a couple of new costumes she likes to wear including her kitty suit. She asks that we call her "Kitty Eliza". She decided to read some books in her room wearing her costume. Doesn't get much cuter than this.

little Eliza wants to play

Her favorite, little poem:

"rain...rain, go away...Eliza wants to play"

Dressed up as Dorothy!

We got Eliza all dressed up for Halloween early this year so that she could trick-or-treat at DisneyWorld's "Not So Scary Halloween" event this weekend. She had a couple of new outfits to choose from, but she really wanted to wear her Wizard of Oz Dorothy costume the most.

Dorothy and Toto

Like her Daddy, Eliza is obsessed with Converse sneakers, so we got her a red pair of those, instead of the ruby slippers. It was a big hit with everyone we came across last night.

ready to trick or treat

More cute Halloween outfits are on the way this month, and we can't wait for y'all to see them.

Loving happy birthday cake

Quick snapshot of Eliza, devouring cake at her little friend's birthday party.


Charlotte and Eliza tickle penguins

The girls got silly at the Oregon Zoo.

Eliza, Daddy and the Sesame Street gang

We went to see the Sesame Street live show today. Eliza liked it, but became disinterested after realizing we were standing firm and were unwilling to buy her cotton candy.

Eliza and her Springfield Cousins!

SMILE!, originally uploaded by Rockyrosa.

Just snagged this photo from Grandma Cathy's blog, showing all the kids posing for a group shot at the pizza place. (Daddy didn't get a very good shot of the gang himself)

Charlotte and Eliza love fondue

Upon our recent trip to Oregon, we continued our usual tradition of visiting Gustav's with Charlotte, and her mommy, Melinda. Two things were confirmed on this visit:

1. The little gals sure do act silly together.
2. They REALLY like eating fondue.