Playing in her new dress

The weather was awesome today, so Mommy and Eliza thought it would a be a good idea to hop into one of her lovely, spring outfits. Cuteness ensues...

Eliza has a new trick...

IMG_0368, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

...and it's not pretty.

Daddy has to delete a few pics over the past few weeks while shooting photos because Eliza's favorite new pose is her finger up her nose. Sitll kinda cute though.

I climbed in and can't get out!

Dancing at daycare

dancing at daycare, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

I was fortunate to pick up E at daycare last night and witness her having the time of her life with the other kids, wearing silly animal hats and dancing. They really do a good job of playing with the kids and teaching them fun, new things.

I would of got more, but the battery in the flipcam died while recording.

Watching her show

Watching her show, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza and her baby sat down for a moment this morning to have a small snack and watch Regis and Kelly.
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underpants hat!

underpants hat!, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza has a quite a variety fashionable choices when it comes to headwear. However, she decided to wear her underpants upon her noggin last night as she crazily, ran around in her "I refuse to go to bed" delirium.

Eliza at the Rodeo

We took a quick trip down to the Houston Rodeo this weekend, and our little cowgirl had the time of her life playing with all the cute little petting zoo animals. Here's some of our favorite moments:

getting Eliza from daycare

This little lady has fun at daycare with all her friends, but at the end of the day she's quite happy to see Mommy and Daddy.

This video started about a half second after she shouted "Dada!" at maximum volume. Picking up the kid is my favorite part of the day, and now I can watch the video over and over at work until then...

This thing is staying on!

Eliza loved the backpack that Grammy Lew sent her so much that she didn't want to take it off, and was going to fight us if we tried.

This kid is ready for school!

She's ready for school - despite the fact that it's 9pm, she's several years too young, and isn't wearing anything other than a diaper.

But she sure looks cute in that backpack (which is hopefully filled with diapers and wipes).

Falling asleep in the buggy

Luckily, Eliza had a makeshift pillow...
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Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Kiss me, I'm Irish!, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

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The walking distance test

The walking distance test, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

It's been just over a week since Eliza started walking all by herself, so today we decided to see just how far she could go (if she wanted to), and so we went into the hallway outside our place to put E to the test...

Hunting down mommy

Hunting down mommy, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Mommy can't hide from Eliza...especially now that she can run and open doors in under 30 seconds.

Eliza sneaks into the hall closet

Someone is really sneaky.
Time to get some more of those special handle locks...

She loves her reflection

She loves her reflection, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Mommy took a little while to pick out her new outfits at the mall today, but that was fine with Eliza, who loved playing in front of every mirror in every store we went in.

Eliza quickly gets tired walking

Eliza gets tired walking, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza just started walking this weekend, and it sure wears her out quickly.
Luckily, there's a nice blankie nearby so che can rest her weary head and worn out limbs.

Eliza is now walking!

Eliza is now walking!, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Here's Eliza's first steps! Okay, not specifically her first steps - those happened to a pair of awestruck parents who were just sitting on the floor when she started randomly walking around - these are the early stages of her walking.

She's doing pretty good, and mostly walks when she's delivering various items between Mommy and Daddy. We've had lots of fun moments in the past 24 hours when she will suddenly stand up and wander off.

Dance with me!

Dance with me!, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza will have nothing to do with Brobee.
He keeps begging her to dance with him.
But she will have none of it.

Eliza does not like the Brobee

Eliza likes watching Brobee on the "Yo Gabba Gabba!" television program. But she wasn't too crazy about meeting him in person this afternoon on the living room floor.

In fact, it kinda freaked her out.

(They later became friends and dancing buddies)

Living Room Spelunker

Mommy snapped this really cute photo of Eliza as she crawled back and forth through her tunnel in the living room. She was quite a little character today, and we enjoyed every second of it.

Grumpy girl

Grumpy girl, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza got a little grumpy as she got ready to leave this morning. She was mad that she couldn't play with mom's cell phone. She enjoys looking at photos of herself on the phone. She exclaims "di da" which we think is her version of Eliza and then kisses the phone.

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She's ready for a vacation!

Eliza recently got her passport in the mail, and let us know she was ready for vacation by getting into one of her fancy, new swimsuits! Mommy got her a bunch of cute outfits to wear on our family cruise in May - plenty of time for us to stock up on sunscreen.'s cold's cold, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

We had to bundle up this weekend. The temperatures dropped from the 70's
down to the chilly 60's. The changing weather allowed for Eliza to wear
her super cute pink puffy vest (see below).
But we really can't complain. Our pals in South Carolina got slammed
with winter weather. Kelly sent us this photo of Kensie looking cute and
stylin' in the snow. Greenville got several inches. Wait, isn't it
March?! Kelly and the folks at FOX Carolina have been busy covering the heck
out of the storm. Makes me kinda wish I were there. I do love winter
weather coverage.


Foiled!, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza went and got all clever on us - figuring out how to open all the unlocked doors in the house. So we went and got clever on her, and installed some child-proof handle guards.

(We give her a week before she's figured out these things too).

Discovering the joy of ketchup

Eliza loves her french fries, and today she discovered a new culinary treat. She saw Mommy and Daddy dipping their fries in some kind of sauce and just had to try it out for herself.

She loved sucking the ketchup off the same fry over and over. And she did a much better job before the video camera started rolling.

It's way too early for all this