Helping in the kitchen

Helping in the kitchen, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

She's cleaning up the batter after Mommy made pie. Good helper and eater.

Hanging out with the Ducks


Eliza's proud of her pie!

E had a wonderful time assisting LuLew in making a yummy peach & black berry pie. She didn't take off her apron all night, and throughout dinner, she kept commenting on how she'd rather be eating "my pie".

The photo was snapped moments before her little finger went into the top.

This dinner plate looks familiar!

Mommy ordered some special, custom dinnerware for our good little eater. It's her reward for being so polite at the table. She loves stuffing food in her face, so that she can uncover her other face on the plate.


We got a pool

We got a pool, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Check out Eliza's new pool in the backyard. There's even room for Daddy.

And we have a new backyard pet, too!

Making her Five Guys face


Taking a rest in Ikea.

Taking a rest in Ikea., originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.


Feeding the birds

Feeding the birds, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

We took Grammy LuLew to the Maitland farmer's market. We saw lots of ducks, birds, squirrels and fish at Lake Lily. Eliza fed them and then a pack of them followed her around the market.

A day at the beach!

A day at the beach!, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Having some fun in the sun, sand and surf.

Moving Day - Finally!

Moving Day - Finally!, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Yesterday, the big truck arrived from Texas with all our stuff. Eliza was excited to be reunited with the toys she hadn't seen in months. But most of all she enjoyed the ramp to the truck and getting in the way of the "people" unloading the truck. Now the unpacking begins. Thankfully Eliza has discovered the joys of bubble wrap which have kept her somewhat occupied.

Posing on the stairs

Posing on the stairs, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Ready for another adventurous day.

Enjoy the stairs now

Enjoy the stairs now, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

No stairs at our new house. Mommy and Daddy are very happy about that fact. Eliza loves the stairs though!

Testing out her new climbing tree


Posing with the Potato

Posing with the Potato, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.


Love Forever

Love Forever, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

While driving home form the store last night, Eliza spontaneously started singing a little, made-up song.

"Love Forever...La La Love Forever."

Battle for Sushi Rolls

Battle for Sushi Rolls, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Daddy distracted E just long enough for Mommy to get some rolls away from our little sushi monster. Once they hit the table, Eliza starts shoving them in her mouth.


Fun at Curious George Live


Friday night pizza

Friday night pizza, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Went to Josie's for pizza. It's a place by our temporary apartment that we'll miss when we move cross town next week. Eliza & Mommy like the Hawaiian pizza. Daddy likes any type of pizza especially with his two favorite girls. Happy tummies for all on a Friday.

4th of July "Fireworks"

4th of July "Fireworks", originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Despite what Daddy thinks, Eliza isn't quite ready for the high yield explosives just yet. So we let her go crazy with the throw poppers, and then made her suffer through Daddy doing an interpretive dance routine with a sparkler.

Practicing Her Dramatic Acting

Eliza loves making faces in front of the webcam. Tonight I hit record when she wasn't looking.

Living Room Disco Baby

Living Room Disco baby, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza loves dancing around the living room, especially in front of the webcam. Tonight she had a live studio audience of dolls to watch her perform. Occasionally she had to stop dancing to make sure each of them were paying attention.

And yes...she's wearing a Kiss t-shirt.

Eliza the Alligator Wrestler