Crummy virus

Crummy virus, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Went to the doctor. Eliza has a virus. No cure for that, but snuggles are supposed to help. The nurse drew blood and Eliza screamed and screamed. Tough day. FYI - she weighed in at 22 pounds.

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Sick day

Sick day, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

As you can see, Eliza's not feeling herself today. She had to stay home sick this Monday. A sick baby gets special treatment around here. She's set up in her junior papasan chair with her blankie and friend George and she gets to watch a movie. Of course mom is at the ready with juice and crackers.

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Silly shoppers

Silly shoppers, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Daddy and E found matching hats at Target. Unfortunately they got vetoed by mom.

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Learning to scribble

Learning to scribble, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

We decided it was finally time to let Eliza go wild with the crayons. But there's no way we're gonna do it at home just yet. The restaurant we went to today offered her crayons so we figured they're okay with her missing the page. She had fun making scribbles, but was far more interested in what the color red tasted like.
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Eliza on front page!

I guess all that cuteness couldn't be contained to just one photo gallery!

Fun with her shiny friend

E loves the kiddie mirror in the backseat of Daddy's car. So much, that she ripped it down one morning and now plays with it whenever she's riding in the car. It's really distracting hearing her giggling and making funny faces at herself the whole time I'm driving - but quite cute.
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Eliza on!

Eliza on, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

After seeing her Obama photo gallery on Flickr, I was contacted by a wonderful producer who asked to use one of the pics as part of thier "Obama Kids" gallery on!

They've been rolling out Obama content for the past few days, and gave me the heads-up that Eliza will be on the site today, so you might not be able to find it by surfing there just yet. Here's the direct link to her gallery page.

I have it on good authority that Eliza was the favorite "Obama Kid" among BET staffers.

A new President

A new President, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

It's official. Eliza doesn't even know what's happened. But we're excited for her. We have a backstage view of this moment in history through our TV control rooms. Pretty cool.

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Obama baby all the way

Obama baby all the way, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza wore her favorite shirt to daycare this morning. She spent the morning watching CNN rather than her usual Disney shows as she ate her yogurt and Cheerios. When Daddy picks her up from school this afternoon it will be a new era.
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Monday morning

Monday morning, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

As you can see from this grin, this girl certainly doesn't have the Monday morning blues. As soon as she got in her stroller she started saying "bye bye" and waving. Guess she was ready to get the week going! That makes one of us.

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"She's a Natural!"

"She's a Natural!", originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Practicing those waving skills

It's a good thing that Eliza loves waving at people because she sure did a lot of it during the MLK Kids parade on Saturday! Mommy's work has a float, so Eliza was in the superstar chair up front with her pal Mia.

E had a great time, but needed a long nap after all that excitement.

Saturday afternoon nap

Saturday afternoon nap, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

This baby is knocked out. She fell asleep in the car. She stayed asleep on mommy's shoulder while mom grocery shopped (steering the cart one-handed!). Then it was back into the car and she was still sleeping by the time we got all the way upstairs. So why is this girl so tired? We'll post some pics of her big morning outing a little later.

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Playing tricks on baby.

Playing tricks on baby., originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

She always likes hunting around the house for Daddy. She just wasn't prepared to find him this time.

Shopping Cart Speedster

Shopping Cart Speedster, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza has mastered the walking part of playing with her little toy shopping cart. Now she just needs to work on her steering and maneuvering.

Meeting the White Dress Lady

This woman was the head performer at Sunday's House of Blues "Gospel Brunch". She's hard to miss, and Eliza couldn't take her eyes off her the whole show.

Eliza grooving at the Gospel Brunch

House of Blues in Houston has started their very own, "Gospel Brunch" where you go eat breakfast while a full stage of gospel singers dance around and sing about your bacon and sausage.

It was a really fun, and Eliza had a blast.

Silly girl

Silly girl, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

This girl always loves a good game of peekaboo.
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Like Christmas morning all over again

The two giant boxes of Christmas gifts we shipped from Oregon finally arrived yesterday. Thanks everyone for all the cool stuff! Eliza couldn't wait to break out her sweet ride. As you can see, she was elated to take it for a spin. We had to pry her off it this morning.

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Eliza wins the game!

Eliza wins the game!, originally uploaded by littlelostrobot.

Eliza had a really sweet present waiting for us when we got home from Oregon. I forgot the exact name, but it's a polar bear themed game where she loads up the bear's mouth and watches the balls rolls down the chute to the bottom.

And in under a week of playing it, Daddy already has her practicing timed trials for the baby Olympics.

Thanks Aunt Anne and Uncle Dennis!

Christmas in Oregon slideshow

Okay, so it's been well over a week, and we should've posted this much sooner. But, JL just discovered that you can post Flickr slide shows in blog posts and just had to try it out right away with a photo set.

Here's to many more fun photos (and Eliza slideshows) in 2009!

Eliza is now front facing!

Eliza was getting too big for her infant car seat, so today we upgraded to some sleek, forward facing chairs. She loves looking through the windshield and enjoys her little cup holder on the side of the chair.

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